Sam & Kat`s Wedding

Sam & Kat`s Wedding

Like an adventure movie in the north of England

Samuel and Kathryn are two adventurers, but also master geographers who changed my perception of what geography is when I met them in the jungles of Sumatra, South East Asia. Based in the city of Sheffield, in the county of South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, they explore roads, rivers, mountains, forests, jungles and distant cities whenever they can. While Kat is nerve and energy, Sam is reflection and serenity, thus creating a sweet and surprising complementary duality.

Science that studies and describes the surface of the Earth in its physical, current and natural aspect, or as a place inhabited by humanity.
Set of characteristics that make up the physical and human reality of an area or territory.

From the Sumatra island, Indonesia, to the United Kingdom.

Everything started in the humid and warm jungles of the northwest of Sumatra island, on the outskirts of the Bohorok river, where a group of four dreamers met with an experienced local guide, and we lived one of the hardest and, at the same time, funny and enriching experiences of our lives. Nature, in its purest form, as I could never have imagined, shocked us all in mind and heart.

We became friends, and they asked me to be their wedding photographer, back in England. I don’t know if it was because of my photographs, or because of the determination they saw in me to carry my heavy aluminum tripod everywhere I went through the jungle, in order to get fantastic landscape photographs, while being stung by tiny, painful bees.

Here is the denouement… Enjoy, it fills my heart.

Arriving in Sheffield.

Road Trip to Blyth.

Getting everything ready.

Wedding rehearsal and dinner all together.

Preparing for… Yes, I know, this word sounds a little bit fancy…

The Wedding!

Dinner, laughs and lots of fun.

Hope to see you soon…